About Me

Hi! I’m Lindsey, owner of Traverse City Wax Co. (formerly Ava's Country Cupboard). I’m a wife, mother of 4, dog lover, and wax addict. I started pouring wax melts and candles in 2004.


How it all began:

Finding out about wax tarts and warmers, changed everything. I found tarts can fill a room – or two – with unbelievably yummy scents! 

After buying a few tarts that I loved, I decided to try my hand at making my own. And not to toot my own horn, but I was pretty good at it ;) 

Making handmade wax tarts for my friends and family quickly became my new favorite thing, and brought me so much joy. Every special occasion someone was getting a bag of tarts. And I always received positive feedback. 

People who didn’t know what they were started to go out and buy tart warmers – and tell their friends.

I realized I was on to something here. What started as a hobby, turned into much more. This is when my small business was born.

Traverse City Wax Co. Now

Fast forward eighteen years! After realizing I had a knack for making homemade wax tarts I became a full-time indie wax vendor. And now sometimes one or two of my children are helping me out!

TC Wax has over 200 different scents

I’ve learned a lot in the last eighteen years. There were many trials of tart blends until I found the perfect mix. I use custom paraffin and soy wax blend to give my tarts a better melt and longer throw. Throw is how strong the scent of the tart is if you’re new to the wax tart world.

In fact, customers have lost tarts, found them years later and they still smell amazing.

These wonderful handmade tarts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For the smaller tarts (2oz), just throw them in your tart warmer. The larger tarts (2+ oz) can be cut into smaller pieces before putting them in your warmer. I offer a variety of sizes for you to enjoy and share with loved ones.

I love what I do – making different scent combinations come to life brings me so much joy. I also love it when I’m able to make my customers’ suggestions come to life!

To stay in the loop with all of our wax tart adventures and offers, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. This is also the best way to know about the next restock, pre-order, and scent requests. Check out my ordering information page for further details on shipping costs and payment options.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for supporting Traverse City Wax Co.